Roles & Responsibilities

The Raising Hope Foundation

 Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board – Chris DiMedio

  • Provides leadership to the Board of Directors to achieving organization’s mission
  • Encourages Board’s role in strategic planning and discusses issues confronting organization
  • Helps guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities
  • Monitors financial planning and financial reports
  • Plays a lead role in fundraising activities

Vice Chairman of the Board & Marketing Director- Jennifer El-Habr

  • Works closely with the Chair and other staff to initiate and coordinate events.
  • Web page management, marketing leader & photographer.
  • Co-director and manager of youth events.
  • Participates as a vital part of the board leadership. 
  • Reports to the Board’s Chair.

Vice Chairman of the Board – Dawn Wyatt

  • Performs Chair responsibilities when the Chair cannot be available.
  • Carry out special assignments as assigned by the Board.
  • Participates as a vital part of the board leadership.
  • Reports to the Board’s Chair.

Secretary & Communications Director – Anand Shukla

  • Attends all board meetings and captures minutes of each meeting.
  • Manages minutes of board meetings and distributes to Board shortly after the meeting
  • Maintains records of the Board and ensures effective management of organization’s records
  • Director of  information distribution on current events to community.

Board Treasurer – Tiffany DiMedio

  • Manages finances of the organization – creates budget
  • Administrates fiscal matters of the organization
  • Provides annual budget to board for members’ approval
  • Ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures
  • Reports to full Board on committee’s decisions/recommendations

Board Member – All

  • Determine the organization’s mission and purpose
  • Determine which of the organization’s programs are consistent with its mission.
  • Regularly attends board meetings and important related meetings
  • Actively participates in committee work
  • Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments and completes them on time
  • Stays informed about committee matters, prepares for meetings and reviews minutes and reports.
  • Participates in fundraising for the organization.