Youth Initiative

Continuing on our efforts to recycle materials we have and give to those who need them, we are launching our first attempt at Soles for Hope.  What makes this initiative even more unique is this event is being coordinated and run by our fantastic Raising Hope Foundation Youth.  Between our five families we have 14 kids ranging from ages 7-18.  From the initial brainstorming ideas until the final shipment of the shoes we collect, these efforts belong to them.  Our hope is that they can also inspire and involve more kids on our community to join in.

We will be providing drop boxes throughout the community during the month of September.  Used shoes that are collected will be divided and distributed by our youth group for 3 destinations.  Most importantly, shoes will be sent to impoverished areas need through, a fantastic organization that has a mission to “put shoes in the shoeless worldwide”.  In addition, cleats will be collected and sent to inner city sports programs, and soles of worn-out shoes will be sent to Nike’s Re-use a shoe program,, turning the soles into materials for sports courts and other programs.  For more information please contact either Chris DiMedio (email or Mason El-Habr (email

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